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The next step in Personal Brain Care innovations!

The Next level in Personal Brain Health
iiBrain gives you an insight into the most innovative and powerful systems possible. 

Used for personal growth, interest and balancing your total body.
Let it sink in for a moment, if there is something wrong with your foot, your knee, trouble swallowing, the color of the urine or more of these kinds of signals,... what do we do with it? We do our own research and/or go to the doctor. But,… if we are suddenly attacked by cerebral infarction, bleeding, heart problems and burnout, then we are often too late. And then we think if only I had known sooner. Now,… it is possible to detect a lot at an early stage and thus be ahead of any complaints. This creates peace, balance and, above all, insight into the current health situation! After all, various publications have already shown that the aforementioned signals and consequences can be seen and recognized at an earlier stage. With the introduction of a highly innovative product, the Neuphony EEG headset, a personal Brain Scan is now possible. At home or at work. This is a very important step in personal healthcare and will also have a major impact at work, because sessions can now also be done from the employer to measure the current EEG. Of course you may think,..why an EEG? The impact of this product goes much deeper than we think. And the idea that this only happens with a Neurologist if I really have something to do with my brain is a thing of the past.
Now with the Neuphony EEG Headset it is possible to:
* Measure the current state of the brain
* Determine stress level
* The Mood we are in
* Reduce the Stress
* And to prepare ourselves for relaxation-increased accuracy (for example for a presentation-important meeting etc) but also to get our creative brain in optima forma.


Brainwaves For You!

the entrance for and to your Body:

* Reverse Aging

*Fall asleep, beat insomnia

* Improve Focus, concentration and Memory

* Gain positive Energy

*Relieve Stress and Anxiety

* Totaly Relax entire body from head till toe

* Enhance cognitive ability

* Increase ability to mediate

* Treat ADHD and personal disorders

* Subconscious stay motivated to lose Weight

A great, Great New system: 

The AmoFit-S

 to get a better Health!

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Stimulating the Nervus Vagus and improves:
* Sleep
* Stress
* Anxiety
* Concentration & Memory
* Creativity
* Internal Balance
* Chronic Disease (nervous disorders)
* Increase HRV ratio

Not able to use by:
- Pregnant women 

- People who have had an organ transplant 

- Patients with epilepsy 

- Children under the age of 5 

- People with electronic or ferromagnetic implants (implantable devices) 

※ Electronic implants: prosthetic heart valves, pacemakers, morphine and insulin pumps, implantable defibrillator, etc. 

※ ※ People with dental implants, nonmagnetic implants, or implants with weak magnetism (ex. artificial joint replacement, prosthesis, etc.) can use the device.

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